Salmon fishing in Birmingham

ImageFew would consider West Midland’s best city (narrowly edging out Coventry in my opinion), a tourist magnet. Try telling that to the group of raincoat-clad Spanish tourists on a recent flight back to Birmingham International, tightly clasping an A4 sheet full of must see attractions being playfully buffeted around by England’s best attempt at a tropical storm. 

As well as some very large multi-story car parks, Birmingham famously boasts about having more canals that Italy’s floating city. I recently took a trip down one of these famed waterways on something less glamorous however than a Venetian gondola. My bike trip took my from the somewhere near the city centre where at the weekend the white collars embarrass themselves between the bars, through a startlingly busy fishing community plucking life from the murky canals and ended past a bohemian style stretch where under each bridge gathered a group of youths and an unmistakeable smell of Amsterdam.

Somehow this all culminated in me wanting to cook some salmon! We all need to thank a pioneering  salmon fisherman for making salmon affordable to the masses. He developed a complicated formula based on size which determines exactly when frisky young salmon are ready taken out of there fresh water habitat and survive in salt water farms. Interesting!  

Here is my favourite way of cooking Salmon.

Marinade in a food bag for 6+ hours in olive oil, soy sauce, chilli flakes, honey, sugar and lemon juice. Mix up enough marinade to cover all salmon fillets and taste it – you want it to taste spicy/tangy and sweet at the same time.

Pan fry the salmon in a little oil skin side down first for a few minutes. Then turn the fish and add some of the marinade to the pan. Cook to your preference, I like to take it out the pan moments before it is cooked through.

I ate it with some wilted spinach and a noodle and vegetable stir fry as featured in an earlier blog post, with any remaining marinade thrown over during cooking!

I don’t normally like Salmon, this was actually very tasty!

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