The best burger in town


I Spent last summer in the land of the burger and sampled some pretty good burgers. Travelling around northeastern USA, it was quite hard to escape the burger, the ease of a quick hunger fix where in some locations finding fresh fruit or vegetables was about as likely as finding someone who knew the rules of cricket.

Best burger – Fudruckers, Washington DC 

The 1lb behemoth all beef patty (pictured above) smothered in a free buffet of luxury toppings, was astonishingly tasty. Whilst maybe not quite in the man v food league in terms of size, it certainly took some brave eating stamina. Its impressive flavour and value at only 12 dollars or so for a meal so filling forced me to put this burger on a podium.

Try this for healthy hand made burgers (4 medium sized burgers)

Mix up by hand 500g lean beef steak mince with 1 egg, plenty of black pepper generous sloshes of worcestershire sauce and some salt. Make into 4 hand sized patties. Fry in a little oil, a few minutes on each side until browned with the lid on for the second half of cooking.

Some recipes may use plenty more additives like mustard and onions in the mixture, but I like to enjoy the taste of the beef more. I feel the seasoning I mentioned brings out the flavour of the beef nicely.

Low fat and high in protein, enjoy them as you like, on there own or in a bun with toppings of your choice.

For a change use lamb mince and add finely diced apple to the mixture.

Sweet Chilli sauce! 

The  combination of sweet and spicy makes this such a popular condiment to many dishes.

Here is how I make my own

Olive oil, honey, sugar, chili flakes, soy sauce and lemon juice.

Mix well and play around with the quantities of each until you have the level of spicy vs sweet that you like!

Works great poured over meat or fish and fantastic as a marinade. Try it over those burgers!

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  1. Rafa Benitez says:

    Hi Ben. This is a good blog. Fact. But it is very chhhard for me to follow. Chhhhave you got any vegetarian recipes for me to try? Thanks, Rafa

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