Wok time!

This is a go to meal for me always. it is so quick and easy to cook and always tastes great. You can use so many different ingredients depending on what you like, a great dish to clear out miscellaneous veg!

I see so many criminal stir fries at University, people using pre-prepared veg packs, which smell bad and contain tasteless sorry looking veg and thick gloopy sauces full of too much salt and sugar.

First, a quick word about carbohydrates

A much maligned macro-nutrient for those wanting to loose weight. Omit it from your diet at your peril though, it will leave you feeling terribly lethargic. research has shown you will have much greater success when combining your carbohydrate with protein and exercise, leaving you feeling and looking great.

All athletes know the energy available from that big bowl of pasta and the importance of keeping your glycogen stores full for competition (endurance athletes try glycogen low training once in a while, feels horrible but you will reap the rewards!). What you might not know is that exercise produces cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol weakens your immune system making you more susceptible to illness. Keeping your carbohydrate levels high during training and after will attenuate the affect of the cortisol on your immune system, keeping your immune defenses up!

Try this for a fresh tasting, delicious and healthy way of doing Stir fry.

Veg; 3-4 Spring onions, half a small brown onion, garlic clove, half a courgette, Pepper (any colour).

Meat; 1 chicken breast or beef chunks

Sauces and spices; Worcestershire Sauce, dark soy sauce, powdered ginger, black pepper, sugar

Noodles; Fresh or boiling noodles

Cut meat into small pieces, and dice vegetables to a size of your choice, the bigger they are the more crunch they retain.

Heat oil in wok, with very generous splashes of Worcestershire and soy sauce and when hot add the meat . After 3 minutes or so (depending on thickness), when the meat is almost cooked through add all the veg and stir vigorously.

Meanwhile if you use boiling noodles (my preference) get them in some boiling water with some stock.

Keep wok heat high and keep stirring, add sprinkle of ginger powder, black pepper and a teaspoon of sugar.

Once the noodles are soft, drain and add to wok with the ingredients. Stir around and splash soy sauce liberaly.

Serve up!

You really can use any veg you like here, go crazy. This comes out quite spicy often but you can add more ore less spices to suit your taste

If you want added protein, add an egg towards the end of cooking and stir it all around, it works well!

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