About me…….

Ben Bike

Hi there, my name is Ben, a student at the University of Birmingham.

I have been cooking from a young age and have held a couple of jobs as a chef. I  started at University 2 years ago and like many students find my weeks filled with sport, evenings out and the occasional late night deadline submission.

Stepping through the door covered in mud, freezing cold after another exhausting loss on the football pitch to find a sorry looking food cupboard featuring brown rice and a bag of prunes is not an enticing prospect. Even for the most frugal student, this would frequently spark a drive to reach for the grubby takeaway leaflets that adorn so much of our beloved deep avocado colored carpet.

It is this all too familiar situation and being obstinate about takeaways (I have still never ordered a takeaway or put on a ready meal at University!) that has driven me to get creative in the kitchen and most of all get that food on quick!

Being a keen sportsman and studying human nutrition as a prominent part of my degree course, I always strive to create meals full of the correct nutrition, full of energy and most importantly of all full of flavour, that can be whipped up well before the man carrying a box of greasy plastic tupperwares gets to your door!

In this blog I will share with you some quick, healthy recipe ideas full of the right nutrition that I often cook for myself,  as well as interesting food facts for any athlete who wants to know what nutrition your body really needs and why.

For me, food is the one thing that can keep you alive yet give you so much enjoyment at the same time, so make the most of it!



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